Implementing Inquiry Based Assessment in Brightview

To implement higher order assessment in Brightview given our movements towards inquiry based learning next year we need to know more about what formative assessments are appropriate in inquiry based learning and how to fairly mark inquiry summative assessments.

Firstly, there are many formative assessments which would work well in an inquiry based setting. Some examples of these are listed in Table 1.1 which has been adapted from Kruse (2012, 7-8). When selecting formative assessments in inquiry learning it is important to cater for a variety of learning styles and competencies. Providing options about how to present research provides all students with equal opportunities to showcase their understanding of the topic in a format relevant to them.

Secondly, for summative assessments, providing a clear rubric allows the same investigative and presentative flexibility whilst ensuring that all students are marked fairly based on the same outcomes. This rubric should be available for students before they commence the task.

In summation, inquiry based learning creates problems with traditional forms of assessment, however this enables more innovative, higher order thinking forms of assessment. Using higher order and authentic assessments engage students and challenge them to demonstrate their understanding. These assessments are more akin to the assessments and challenges that students will face in the workforce. Therefore whilst first appearing as a problem assessment in inquiry based learning is an asset for teachers to evaluate the depth of student understanding.


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